Welcome to MBL Bank!

MBL Bank is committed to providing personal service to its customers and investing time and resources in local schools, churches, and charitable and civic organizations.


Please be aware of phone, text, and email scams. Do not give out personal information over the phone or via text. Be alert to email phishing scams. It is good practice to never send personal information via email. Emails can appear to be from a legitimate source when they are not. Know that MBL Bank will never make an unsolicited phone request for your account information, password, or other sensitive data. We do not request confidential information via email or text. We do not send text or email notifications telling you your debit card has been locked.

There have been no reported issues of phone, text, or email scams involving MBL Bank. We have posted this alert only as a precaution. If you have any questions or receive a call, text, or email referencing MBL Bank that you feel is suspicious, please call us at (318) 377-0523.


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Minden, Louisiana

100 MBL Bank Drive
Minden, LA 71055

(318) 377-0523
Please do not send private information via email.